LOTUS dissecting shears



What is the main innovation?


The Lotus system produces efficient torsional movement in the waveguide to direct powerful compresion energy to the target tissue, resulting in SECURE COAGULATION and FAST CUTTING.


This technology also reduces the effects of energy loss at the distal tip, making it safer for surgeons.



  • Fast and bloodless tissue dissection
  • Secure vessel sealing
  • No distal drilling effect
  • Minimal smoke for improved visibility
  • Cutting and sealing in one action
  • No electricity directed through the patient
  • Shears available for LAPAROSCOPY and OPEN SURGERY


LOTUS Liver Resector


The only ultrasonic shears in the world designed for resecting liver tissue. The blade is shaped to ensure maximum haemostasis for dry transection.


The Lotus Liver Resector does not have the destructive distal-drilling associated with other ultrasonic scalpels – instead it directs all its energy to the tissue within the jaw. This multi-purpose instrument reduces operating time, blood loss and surgeon fatigue.





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