Smoke Evacuation Pencil


  • Monopolar diathermy smoke evacuation pencil
  • Telescopic smoke channel
  • With only 70mm or together with 120mm non-stick coated electrode included in the set
  • 5 meters ESU cable and US-3 pin connector
  • 3 meters suction tubing set with 22mm connector for smoke evacuators or 8mm connector for suction canister/collection bottles

Blue Endo-Hook


Monopolar 33cm or 42cm Endo-Hook with Non-stick Coated L-Tip, J-Tip or Needle Tip


  • Finger-controlled - no foot pedal required
  • Non-stick Coated Tip- remains clean during procedure
  • Reduces charring of tissue
  • Available with either L-tip, J-tip or Needle-tip
  • 3m cable with US-3 pin connector included
  • Available in 33cm or 42cm length
  • Single use
  • Cost effective

Smoklean - Smoke Filter


Reduce Odor and Mutagenic Chemicals


Smoke, created in the burning of tissue contains mutagenic chemicals. Sejong Smoke Filter contains PRE/AcF/DNA Filters which reduce the chemicals and odor in the smoke