Minimizer Ring


The Minimizer Ring protects the anastomosis and the jejenum against overstretching, gives protection against pouch dilatation, minimize dumping syndrome and stabilizes long term weight loss.



  • LSG – 4cm below oesophageal junction
  • Bypass – 2 cm above the anastomosis


  • The MiniMixer Ring is radiopaque, so needle and ring are visible under the X-ray
  • Simple placement and closing
  • Two loops for extra fixation after placement
  • It can be reopened and closed in different diameters

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Technical Information

  • Soft conical radiopaque tip
  • 6 small holes avoid tissue suction damage
  • Syringe connector
  • Clip to close tube for leak test
  • Colour coded


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Calibration tube - For better positioning of the gastric band


The TUBE is made if medical grad silicone, so that it does not become weak and floppy making it difficult to guide into a certain direction, like regular PVC tubes.



Minimizer Regular


The MiniMizer Regular adjustable gastric band system with a variable 2-phase-closure is induced for weigth loss in obese patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 35 kg/m2 or more.



The design of the gastric band eases the laparoscopic placement around the stomach allowing the formation of a small gastric pouch and stoma. No resection or stapling of the stomach is required as well as no by-passing of stomach or intestines.


Two-stage fastening

1. phase: 31 mm inner diameter, band length 10.5 cm

2. phase: 26 mm inner diameter with a band length of 9.75 cm


The gastric band is made of silicon elastomer which has been chosen for its biocompatibility. The inner surface of the gastric band is inflatable. The silicon tubing is used to connect the inflatable section to the access port.


Minimizer Extra


The only difference between Minimizer Rergular and Extra is in retaining loops as shown in the picture below




Two closing positions available 

less postoperative adjustments


Fixation without plication

minimises risk of slipping


Inner reservoir integrated in gastric band

precise, predictable concentric filling


Pre-shaped gastric band

for easy positioning






MiniMizer Port Small


The smallest port on the market (diameter 13mm) for subcutaneous placement or replacement of larger ports

after extensive weight loss.

MiniMizer Titanium Port


The top model, with its slim shaped body and metal cover as protection against inadvertent puncturing of the catheter.