Minimizer Ring


The Minimizer Ring protects the anastomosis and the jejenum against overstretching, gives protection against pouch dilatation, minimize dumping syndrome and stabilizes long term weight loss.



  • LSG – 4cm below oesophageal junction
  • Bypass – 2 cm above the anastomosis


  • The MiniMixer Ring is radiopaque, so needle and ring are visible under the X-ray
  • Simple placement and closing
  • Two loops for extra fixation after placement
  • It can be reopened and closed in different diameters

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Technical Information

  • Soft conical radiopaque tip
  • 6 small holes avoid tissue suction damage
  • Syringe connector
  • Clip to close tube for leak test
  • Colour coded


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Calibration tube - For better positioning of the gastric band


The TUBE is made if medical grad silicone, so that it does not become weak and floppy making it difficult to guide into a certain direction, like regular PVC tubes.