OverStitch™  Endoscopic Suturing System


What are the benefits?

  • Capable of deploying multiple running and interrupted stitches with a single insertion of the endoscope
  • Unique design mimics curved needle, which allows for controlled depth of suture placement
  • Single-handed operation allows physician to maintain system control
  • Reloadable while maintaining visibility of the operative site
  • Unique cinch design provides secure closure without the need to tie surgical knots
  • Single-patient use for maximum reliability and patient safety



 OverTube™ Endoscopic Access System

  • inflatable proximal cuff and flexible distal tip conform to the scope to provide two-level insufflation seal to ensure appropriate insufflation, clear visibility and protection from bodily fluids 
  • Tapered atraumatic distal tip and flexible design facilitate ease of entry while protecting the mucosal lining from damage
  • Flexible single-tube design protects the oesophagus and reduces the required insertion force by 50% when compared to Guardus overtube 
  • Designed to protect the esophagus in a wide range of endoscopic procedures 
  • Compatible with scopes between 10mm and 16mm outer diameter


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