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The Orbera365 doubles the indwell period of the 1 # intragastric balloon in the world from 6 months to a 12 month treatment period.


Orbera365 now provides patients a greater probability of losing more weight and keeping it off. The additional 6 months gives more time for a patient to ensure better outcomes.


In a non-surgical (endoscopic) procedure, the thin and deflated Orbera365 balloon is placed into the stomach. It is then filled with saline until it’s about the size of a grapefruit. The procedure typically takes about 20 minutes and the patient can generally go home a few hours later. After up to twelve months, through another non-surgical procedure, the Orbera365 balloon is deflated and then remove.


Key benefits:

  • Maintaining weight loss with longer therapy
  • Helping patients with stubborn habits to change their behavior
  • Significant impact to comorbidities

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Futher information

BIB System


The value of 20 years of experience.


A tried and tested non-pharmaceutical treatment for the overweight patient who may refuse or not qualify for surgical intervention.


The BIB System is a soft, silicone, intragastric balloon, designed to induce weight loss by partially filling the stomach to help overweight patients achieve a feeling of satiety. The highest quality silicone is designed for long-term durability.


Feeling fuller, more quickly after small meals may help make it easier for these patients to change their dietary habits and ready to adopt a new, healthier lifestyle during the six months the balloon is in place.