Circular Stapler Introducer


For a safe and smooth Introduction of Circular Staplers.


The CSI31 Colon

protects the anal sphincter and facilitates the use of circular stapler when performing double-stapling technique in colon surgery.


The CSI25 Upper GI

assures a smooth and safe introduction of the stapler both through the abdominal wall and into jejenum with minimum trauma.


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RBS™ Rotating Blade System


Worldwide Exclusive Features:

  • Bendos™ - Suture Pilot Hole - facilitate to insert gastric feeding tube
  • RBS™ - Rotating Blade System - Advances technology beyond the conventional chopping to reduce leakage and bleeding. Scientific rotating degrees to optimize the cutting performance
  • ASL™ - Auto Safety Lock - Prevent 2nd mis-firing and easily manipulate. Provide the audible feedback to withdraw the device.


Suction Irrigation Set 


Main advantages:

  • Click-in Connection allows easy exchange of probes
  • One-way Valve prevents the saline from refluxing
  • Chamfered Probe design reduces damages
  • Medical grade material used, DEHP free
  • Ergonomic Handpiece can be easily operated by either hand and prevents fatigue
  • Color-coded Buttons for easy identification


Insufflation Tubing Set


Main advantages:

  • Medical grade material used, DEHP free
  • Filter is made of membrane: 0.02 micron, what provides
  • 99.99% filtration efficiency
  • Adequate hardness of the tubing prevents kinking
  • Compatible with most equipment 
  • 15mm round connector