TST* Tissue-Selecting Therapy Stapler


What are the benefits?

  • Targeted therapy: maintains a healthy bridge of Mucosa for regeneration
  • Selective treatment: avoids resection of non-prolapsed rectal mucosa
  • Enables a full thickness of lower Rectum to be resected as a single specimen

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KOL- A TME Dedicated Stapler to overcome existing clinical issues


What are the benefits?

  • Power-cut™ cutting edge technology to ensure power-­cut through intersecting staples
  • Just-Fit™ shaft design and Uni-link™ technology to guarantee parallel tissue compression % complete staple formation
  • Double specimen housing volume with 4 relief channels to accomodate excess specimen tissues

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PPH Plus Stapler for Single Use


Unique Features:

  • ASL™ - Automatic Safety Lock, prevents accidental mis-firing
  • 100% firing test accuracy & reliability on each stapler, prior to final production
  • Total black design eliminates reflections
  • No accidental detachment of anvil
  • 32 precisely arranged staples
  • Improved depth indicator





Circular Stapler Curved

  • RBS™ - Rotation Blade System. Easy & precise cutting. Reduces
  • Tissue Trauma to the cut edge of the Anastomotic Lip
  • ASL™ - Built-in Automatic Safety Lock, Prevents accidental mis-firing
  • Bendos™ Feeding tube Re-entry Pulley, protects Anastomotic Orifice
  • PSS™- Petal shaped Shaft. Easy insertion with film attachment
  • Adjustable staple closure height ranging from 1mm to 2.5mm


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Circular Stapler Introducer


For a safe and smooth Introduction of Circular Staplers.


The CSI31 Colon

protects the anal sphincter and facilitates the use of circular stapler when performing double-stapling technique in colon surgery.


The CSI25 Upper GI

assures a smooth and safe introduction of the stapler both through the abdominal wall and into jejenum with minimum trauma.


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