Laport-U Universal Trocar System

Laport-MU Laparoscopic Trocar 

 Main Advantages:


  • Locking System - Locking the handle with the body prevents the twist of needle during insertion
  • Lip Valve System - Integrates special silicon-lip-valve, which allows taking out the instruments without loosing gas pressure of internal pneumoperitoneum
  • Convenient Button- One-touch button makes easy to remove the gas and gauze
  • User Friendly Grip - Ergonomic design provides outstanding grip feeling
  • Injury-Free Seration - Easy insert and prevents breakaway structure

Laport-L Trocar


  • Safety lock - Lock and realease the blade with manual button
  • Reliable Valve System -  It allows taking out the instruments without loosing gas pressure of the internal pneumopertoneum
  • Smaller Size - 40% smaller head compared to existing products
  • Injury-Free Serration - Easy to insert and it prevents breakaway structure

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Laport - Hasson - Laparoscopic Trocar

Laport - 3 Laparoscopic Trocar


Main advantages:


  • Outstanding Grip Feeling -  Minimized body size and dry surface of the grip provide better grip feeling
  • 2~3mm instrument - 2mm and 3mm laparoscopic instrument can be used
  • Stainless Steel - Obturator is made up of stainless steel to improve the durability

Miniport Laparoscopic Trocar


Main advantages:

  • Low Profile Design - Ideal for pediatric and petite patient
  • Injury-Free Serration - Easy insert and prevents breakaway structure

U-Flex Laparoscopic Trocar

Omniclose™ Trocar Site Closure Device


The system is comprised of a Needle Guide and Grasping Jaws, designed to prevent a port-site herniation. It helps surgeons to close the fascia even in more challenging obese patients.


Main advantages:

  • Ensure complete fascial closure 
  • Pilot Guide precisely angles the suture passer
  • Easy-to-learn technique for reproducible success
  • Works under direct visualization
  • Prevents loss of pneumoperitoneum