Monopolar Scissors


What are the benefits?

  • Stainless steel blades sustain sharpness throughout the procedure
  • Precise & sharp blades for smooth cutting
  • 360° rotation wheel allows easy access to the tissue
  • Extended PTFE insulation reduces the chance of thermal damage
  • Ergonomic handle increases comfort during operation 
  • Extra smooth manipulation


Detachable Endo-Pocket


Unique patented design provides quick and easy application of endo pouch. This unique design allows the pouch to be detached from the introducer and left within patient’s abdomen during procedure. Consequently it promotes efficiency of the procedure and shortens procedure time.


What are the benefits?

  • 10 mm introducer provides ease of insertion
  • Self-opening pouch design provides easy and safe specimen capture
  • High strength PU pouch material assures no leakage.
  • Enhanced metal ring ensures large pouch opening and keeps the pouch in place when loading specimen


Omniclose™ Trocar Site Closure Device


The system is comprised of a Needle Guide and Grasping Jaws, designed to prevent a port-site herniation. It helps surgeons to close the fascia even in more challenging obese patients.


Main advantages:

  • Ensure complete fascial closure 
  • Pilot Guide precisely angles the suture passer
  • Easy-to-learn technique for reproducible success
  • Works under direct visualization
  • Prevents loss of pneumoperitoneum



Smoklean - Smoke Filter


Reduce Odor and Mutagenic Chemicals. Smoke, created in the burning of tissue contains mutagenic chemicals. Sejong Smoke Filter contains PRE/AcF/DNA Filters which reduce the chemicals and odor in the smoke


Veress Needles

  • Red visual needle position indicator
  • High flow stopcock
  • Sharp tip for easy insertion
  • Spring-loaded stylet provides audible "click" when passing tissue layer